Removing Microphone Feedback in Audition

So I’ve looked for some helpful tips on how to do this but it seems a lot of them are outdated. I am editing the audio on a sermon for our church (as I do every week) and this one sermon has some spots where we got some feedback through the board.

What is the best way to really target those high pitch squeals in Audition?

Here is just a short section:

This is where spectral frequency display is a winner Joe. Take a look at that low end feedback here:

Then remove it using Marquee Selection and you get audio (with less bass frequency) but zero feedback :+1:

I could go much further with this. Would you mind providing a link to the full sermon, Joe? You may do so in a private message if you wish.

I’d be happy to create a live stream about cleaning this audio up without loosing too much quality.


I will post a couple of links and explain what I’ve done so far to it. I haven’t had much time to play with it simply because I am at work.

Stay tuned.

Thanks again,

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@Mike Not sure if there is any in that sermon but something else I struggle with a lot is people coughing in the background and the pastors mic picking it up. This is an easy fix if he isn’t talking at the time but what about when he is mid word and it’s pretty loud?

I’ll see if I can find one before or during the live stream and let you know in chat.

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Thanks @Joe_Salmi happy to have a play with a sample if you find one.

@Mike 27.763 there is a very slight cough

Thanks for the super chat today Joe and so glad you enjoyed the session!

I missed out on cutting those coughs. That would be pretty tough as the audio would be at a similar frequency to the speaker. It’d be hard to cut the cough out without severely impacting the quality of the speaking voice.

Noise reduction works really well when those noises are at different frequencies to the speech. Low end mic feedback, bass rumble or street noise is an easy win. The same with squeaking parrots too!

Your best bet is to chop the cough out (if there is silence) or you could paste in some background noise from somewhere else. If there is speech you want to keep your best option is not to edit.

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Hey, I saw this in a Google search and can’t find it anywhere else! Could you give me a tutorial for the same by chance?

Thank you so much!