Removing extra fragments from Audition recording


I was following Mike’s tutorial:

I have my preset (Image limited to 1 since Im a new member) and found my Average RMS Amplitude is -32.64 -> -33.

I added it to the audio gate and then apply my custom preset but I still get these leftovers after the preset transforms the audio. So, I want to have the audio cleaned all in one shot.


Any suggestions on how I can fix this issue?!

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Another trick here when setting up a noise gate. Have you tried:

  1. Creating a copy of the audio.
  2. Delete all speech parts leaving only the silences and fragments you’d like to silence.
  3. Running Amplitude Statistics and looking for the Peak Amplitude.

Then set your gate again using this new figure. Alternatively look into setting up the Expander in Effects > Amplitude and Compression > Dynamics. Same idea for threshold just increase the ratio to get an alternative desired effet.

Ok, will try it out. Thanks Mike

Hi, so did it work? Or not?