Remove Voice Over From Existing Commercial

Hello! After watching some of the YouTube videos on removing vocals from a song, I thought I would ask if someone could advise me on removing the voice over from a commercial spot.

I am attempting to create my own video VO demo. I’m currently collecting links short spots I’m interested in working with. Some are a voice over on top of music and background video; others are a voice over interspersed with background music and other subjects speaking (actors delivering lines on TV commercials, testimonials in commercials, etc.)

As it is, all I know how to do is use something like Quicktime to screen-capture the video I want, find some complimentary music, then add my own voice over. This works OK when there are no other voices (though it can take time to find just the right music bed). Of course, it doesn’t work when there are other voices involved.

  1. Is there a better way than the Quicktime approach I mentioned?

  2. Regarding commercials with other voices that are integral to the spot, is there any way to work with these, or should I just try to avoid those kinds of videos?

Hope that makes sense! Thanks for your time.

For what it’s worth, I have tried to use the technique in Audition whereby the center channel is removed per Mike’s YouTube video. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the lower voices to which I’m drawn, I’m not able to remove the vocal enough without then distorting what’s left. I’m still playing with it, but if anyone knows a better way to remove vocals from commercials, etc. please let me know! I have the Adobe CC suite, if there’s anything else in there that would work better.

I would suggest if you’re making a voice over show reel hoping to get voice over gigs what you’re doing just won’t work.

Your showreel has to be you at your very best as every one you’ll be competing with with have used their best work on their showreel.

If you don’t have any actual work then you’ll need to “create” some. By all means use other scripts as inspiration but if you’re creating a showreel to hopefully get you work make it top quality. Record your voice in the best quality and use genuine backing music rather than music you’ve ripped and tried to remove someone else’s vocals from.

A VO caster or audio producer you submit your showreel too will identify quality straight away. If you’re showreel isn’t top quality all round (vocals and music used) you’re likely to not get many gigs.

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Commercials are by nature copyrighted and will have broadcasting rights.
If you don’t have permission from either the composrer or publisher or in this case the ad agency, you are in breach of the rules.

On @markdenholm 's point, You could be asked to recreate your demo or one similar in a studio where time is of the essence. This is where most fall down. Knowledge is one thing but without experience it’s useless. Learn your chops. There are no shortcuts.

The only way to succeed in VO is to be unique.


Thank you everyone! I’m just getting into all this and appreciate your insights. I’ll change my course.