Remix of 2 songs basically experimenting with how to do a remix

Hi there :blush:

I have a couple of questions based on creating remixes in garageband

I want to create remixes of 2 songs.

Like a songs that are either fast or slow (in sync with each other. Lightswitch by Charlie puth is so fast.

How would I create 2 remixes with that song in particular?

Do I have to edit, cut and paste where I want the song to be in sync?

Is it okay to use a instrumental version of a song and then use an acapella?

How would I create a song (LIGHTSWITCH) which I have the instrumental version of it and the acapella?

Many thanks


Hi Christina,
I think it may be worth for you to check a couple of our videos out:

  1. How to beat match - super good to know this when mixing the songs: How to Beat Match in Adobe Audition - YouTube
  2. How to mash music = How to Mashup Music Beds in Adobe Audition - YouTube (although in Adobe Audition this may be possible in Garage Band too).
  3. Another one for beat mixing: Beat Mixing Tutorial for Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X and djay pro - YouTube

You may find that Garage Band is not the best platform for it though - it may be worth to do some more research into it :slight_smile: