Recording favorites not recording!

Hi Mike & Izabela,

I was watching one of your videos titled: "How to make your voice sound better (secrets revealed), and followed all the steps according to your teaching, but in the end, there was a problem! My Adobe Audition (2017) cannot save the applied effects as a favorite! I mean it won’t record the steps in a favorite. I Get this message :
“A new recording could not be created because no supported actions were recorded”!
Can you help me out! I really need this.

Many thanks

I just found it!
You just need to do this :
First press “start Recording favorite” from Favorites menu, then apply desired effects and in the end from favorites menu press “stop Recording favorite” and save the steps into a favorite!
That’s it!
Good luck :wink::blush:


Glad you worked it our @Saremi!