Recording CD Workflow

I recorded a Christmas CD, with music beds downloaded from youtube as single .mp3s.

With 15 songs and multiple takes each, it added up to a lot of tracks. And the music beds from youtube are of varying quality… which makes matching volumes tricky.

In your opinion, when mixing an album, is the better workflow to:

  1. have 15 songs sequenced in a single Audition session

  2. or to have each song in their own session, export as a single track .wav, and then reimport into a final mastering session? Where I adjust volume and apply track level compression to each?


I haven’t mastered a CD for a long time. If I was doing it now it would depend on use case.

If the CD is one long continual mix I’d opt for the single waveform session.

If it was a collection of 15 different tracks I’d opt for the second option.

I agree with Mike, you could always make it with marks between tracks so you have a long continual mix but with tracks divided.