Radio show name

hey everyone, am new here. my name is Pam and i come from Vanuatu. i am host of a new show and am kinda stuck finding a name that suits the hour (10am-2pm) and my hyperactive persona. my last show was called “The Aftermath” (6pm-10pm). the struggle is real, is been two weeks now i havent got any name for my show.
thank you for your time and thoughts on this one. pretty much appreciate it.

What is the show about?

Do you have a link to your old show if it is similar?

Pam ,

Give more details about the show, what type of audience you want to attract and let’s see what name we can create for you :grinning:

Hello, Pam.

With the information you provided, how does The Morning Mania? Sending you all the best for your new endeavor. Don’t forget to use Music Radio Creative for your jingle needs.

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