Radio jingle - BPM music mashup

Hello, one brand new bpm music mashup jingle for my Croatian radio station. Please, take a listen and tell me your opinion. :slight_smile:


@Mihael first I’d tag it as a :41 sec item

You’ve got :07 of voice over :35 sec of music …my suggestion

Break this into 2 separate liners :25 second liners…more bang for your production buck.

Production value is very good. I didn’t hear any shaky transitions. Voice over “might” be a tad hot IMHO but nothing wrong with it :slight_smile: :grin::sunglasses:

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@MSJ thank you for fast response! Sure, that’s great idea. In this case, we needed a little longer jingle, for some radio program purpuose. :slight_smile:

But, I’m definitly on your side for this, and I would always go for shorter one.

Nice work! I also agree about the duration but as you explain it was for a particular case. I really like your voice over style… keep going!


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@Mihael if the length was for a specici purpose as @Juanmapinker indicates then there are no issues

Having worked radio almost 40 yrs I’ve used almost everything there is in the way of imaging to hit a particular time stamp. AS a side … here in the USA PSA’s - Public Service Announcements from the National Ad Coucil are particularly helpful for filling time ranging from 10 sec hot spots to full 60’s. There maybe a European equivalent to look into others may know about

Good Luck
Just My 2 Cents

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This is very useful @MSJ! thanks for sharing!


Tnx @MSJ! That’s exactly what I thought. I will use this jingle for fulling time when there is need for 30, 40 sec till top of the hour or show start…

@Juanmapinker tnx for your reply! Voice over guy is one great Croatian artist, dj and musician. It has so powerfull voice. :sunglasses: With littlebit of compression, eq, exciter and more, it sounds even better. :wink:

Well …since I’ve never submitted any of my work here for thought …why not now

The V/o is from Free Friday Jingles ( @Mike is a struggling up & coming V/O artist so i thought I’d give him a shot :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: )

Let me know whatcha think

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Wow, you’ve done a great job here @MSJ and given the sound effects space to breathe too which is awesome.

Plenty of high pass filter on the voice over. Any other tips from your processing that you’d like to share?

Very cool!

Well … @Mike
1st the entire project was done in Au3
2nd As i’ve said to many others before Au Cc automates too many processes that are better left to trained ears.
3rd As you’ve said in some of your vids & I learned long ago … production is part science & part magic
(that magic is not me being snarky, but rather serious. The human ear is both a receiver & a transmitter of information)
Finally … There is the “secret sauce” every producer should always have more than one recipe for a project. One-size-fits-all rarely works in life or audio production. So for this particular project.

  1. The V/o as stated earlier was from FFJ in a fairly clean but not sterile recording enviroment. And because I watched it being recorded I know (& this is really important Mike used a proximity effect to his mic on the 2nd part of the VO)
    So a -25db noise floor was applied to the V/o to clean it up of any possible garbage in the recording.

  2. The SXF & VO were leveled by hand in the Multi-track Mixer > The master was set to -1dB & then mixed down

  3. Then in Wave Form > The mixdown was hard limited at a specific point > then normalized to -1dB

4 Finally > Mastering filter pre-set that i have built that suits most projects for polish

So… there ya have it for this project

Now @Izabela take great care of your charity walker this weekend ( water, food ) nag him about stretching his muscles every so often. So that @Mike isn’t as stiff as a memory stick next friday… Oh & remind him to send me his Adobe Presets for free I might actually learn something :rofl: :thinking: :rofl: :shushing_face: :rofl: :sunglasses:


Thanks so much @MSJ this is a very detailed description of your workflow. Above and beyond what I could expect.

I survived the walk over the weekend - great one - thanks for the support!

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