Radio Compression

Hi, we are small online radio ( We are streaming with XSplit and for playout software we use mAirlist. I would like to compress audio coming out of mAirlist and also if we have live program I would like to compress audio from mixer. We need plugin or something like this for free. Thx for answer

Try this

You’ll probably also need this

to route the incoming signal through Stereo tool and then send the output from Stereo tool to your streaming software

Thank you for answer!

Did you get this to work in the end?

i actually don’thave time to do it. I will do it in this week…

No worries. Good luck

Do you maybe any more simple soulution?

Livestream v3 from PlayoutOne has support for VST Plugins is you get the licensed version. You can grab a free compressor plugin and set that in Livestream chain so all the audio leaves compressed.

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VST plugin is a great idea as @markdenholm mentions @ziga!

Another alternative as Mark mentioned before is the VB-AUDIO Cable or Audio Hijack if you’re on a Mac (works with audio plugins).

OBS also supports VST plugins and I’m using this successfully with an iZotope compressor on our live streams. It’s working really well!