Radio commercial

i want to ask u how we make Voice over bright like in commercial Tv & Radio any help pls , is that about EQ or there is other stuff , and which part of voice make that sounds how to reach that qualité tnx :slight_smile:

I’d need more information to help you further like what’s the commercial about and what market is it for.

In order to brighten the voice you’ll need to apply a bit of eq, some compression then maybe, depending on the commercial add a tiny bit of studio reverb and then add some exciter via the mastering effect. At this stage I’d recommend use only the exciter part of the mastering tool.

Once you’ve processed the voice and added any music and fx that are part of the final mix you’ll want to master it fully then. Either do this via the effects rack in the multi track on the master channel or mix down the session and then master it in the wave editor. Doing it the second wave in the waveform post mix down may be the better option as you can open the preview window and see the effects happening in the preview before committing this to the track. This time you can use the rest of the mastering tool (remember you’ve already added the exciter). I wouldn’t add much if any reverb as you’ve added that if applicable in the voice channel. But you can look at stereo widener and loudness maximiser. Just remember loudness maximiser in the native audition mastering is an extremely powerful compressor so before you whack it up to 100 think of where the commercial is being broadcast and the fact that that output chain will no doubt have compression and limiting in it so to compress too much in your production may make it sound over compressed on final output.

That’s just basic but if you give me a bit more of idea of what you’re producing maybe I’d be able to help you more.

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Just one more thing, each voice and indeed each mic is different. Your voice and my voice would need different frequencies enhanced and different levels of compression and eq and exciter so there is no one size fits all solution here.

When doing EQ remember too much low end may make the voice boomy or muddy. Too much high end could introduce an unpleasant divulgence type effect so a lot of EQ is done by ear.

hi man tnx i send u what m looking for via ur mail i can’t upload here

Hi, I’ve sent you an email in reply to yours.

In short first thing was de-esser as there was a bit of sibilence present in the voice. Then a noise gate to eradicate the background noise before the later processing so it didn’t get suck up and amplified. Best to eradicate this early in the chain than once it’s been processed and is much louder as to remove it then would definitely clip the speech you’re looking to keep.

With that done scientific filter to roll off the unwanted low end rumble followed by parametric eq to enhance the frequencies you want to make it sparkle. Tiny bit of compression then the speech volume leveller ahead of a tiny bit of exciter via the mastering tool. Only tiny as with the voice being a little sibilent to add too much excitement would undoing the work of the de-esser earlier in the chain and reintroduce unwanted sibilence.

You could add a tiny bit of multiband compressor as well after this before then mixing the voice with the music and applying the rest of the mastering on the final mix down.

I’ve gone into more detail in the email so hopefully this helps you achieve what you’re looking for.