Radio commercial - Limits, compression, levels?

Hey producers! I have question about limiting, compression and mixing radio commercials. So, in wich way you mix radio commercial? Usualy, I enhance (DeEsser, parametric eq, single band comp and so on…) voice over until -0.1 db, than add SFX, music. Adjust everything (reduce volume of music track where is voice, fade in and out and so on). After mixdown normalize to -0.1 db and master everything with special-mastering tool or with a tiny bit of multiband compressor. And commercial is done.

What are your experiences? Thank you!! :smiley:

I would do pretty much the same as you except for the mastering.

I’d use the native mastering tool on the voice tracks to possibly add a bit of exciter but with regards mastering the final mix I’d always check the requirements with the station it’s being broadcast on so as not to over master. If you over master and the station has particularly heavily processing it can sound disastrous.

Better under mastered at the production stage than over mastered as the station processing can take care of a lot of the finished mastering anyway.

@markdenholm when you process voice, how much do you limit this processed audio? -1 db, -0,1 db or something another?

@Mihael Thar depends on what I’m doing. If it’s just a dry voice then I’d go to -0.1db but if I knew it was to be mixed with music and fx then I’d go to -3db to leave headroom.

In modern day with 32 bit floating point headroom isn’t as essential as you can easily recover digital clipping but still old habits die hard.

In the case of something I’m mixing in total I’d then aim to finish at -0.1 for the completed mix.

@markdenholm I do pretty much same, I process voice until -1 db, and complete mixdown on -0.1 db. Sounds good to me.