Question for Beyerdynamic


new here, but in the May Free Jingle Friday Mike & Isabella asked for questions to ask Beyerdynamic. I did send in a question by email, but I was asked to ask the question here. I hope I’m in the right category. All of your feedback is welcome.

"Hi Isabella, hi Mike,

Thanks for AGAIN a great episode of FJF.

And actually, yes, I do have a question for Beyerdynamic. I have been using their DT770 headphones for quite a few years. I love the sound quality, the soft comfy furry shelly things, the durability and the fact that you can back order any part of the headphone seperately which practically makes it impossible to destroy these headphones permanently.

I started with a pair with 250 Ohm impedance - the impedance for so called professional studio use, since, as I understand it, is the standard impedance in studios. Apparently it also is the preferred impedance for HIFI Stereo systems. I was pretty happy with the pair until I started using them on consumer level video cameras. Suddenly I did not get any sound out of them AT ALL. The impedance of the headphone was just too high for the consumer grade gear to produce any sound.

As a result, I purchased a pair of 80 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones. Problem solved. That is, until I started using them on small format audio field recorders, like the Zoom H2n and the recorders in the Tascam DR-10 series. These types of small format recorders are great for travelling light and still carrying a quality recording device for interviews, ambient sound etc. However, the maximum output volume of the headphone amps in this type of recorders is quite low, which means that in a loud environment you will have a hard time hearing back the recording.

So I went back to the store AGAIN and bought myself a 32 Ohm version of the DT770 in the hope the lower impedance would give a boost to the volume actually produced in the headphones. The idea behind it being: lower impedance, basically is lower resistance, thus a higher volume. This worked in my step down from 250 Ohm to 80 Ohm. To my disappointment, however, I did not notice any difference in the output volume whatsoever. In addition and to my surprise, the 32 Ohm version did NOT come with the so beloved fluffy soft furry shells. Maybe I accidentally ordered the wrong version. Bummer!

So, finally, my question. Is Beyerdynamic going to launch an aniversary edition of the DT770 (or the DT770 Pro) with an impedance of 16 Ohm (like they did before), 8 Ohm, or hopefully even 4 Ohm? And if so, do they think this might remedy the low volume issue I encounter on the small format audio-recorders?

Thanks in advance, Jerry Hoogland (pronounced Hoagland)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands"