Question about Rodecaster Pro’s Presets

Hi everyone! I just picked up a Rodecaster Pro (original not II) and I’m really excited to jump in. I do have a few questions though: when applying some of the presets, does the Rodecaster record a clean version of the track sans effects if I want to reverse an effect, or if I say for example, have a noise gate and compressor active, those effects are permanently baked into the recording?

I’m worried about having too many effects on the sound and not being able to fix it in post later. But I also want the original recording to sound as great as possible right at recording, as to limit work needed afterward. Therefore, for those who have used the Podcaster, are there any must have presets to have active regardless? Has anyone used it with a Lewitt condenser mic and come up with good settings? Would Mike’s “perfect settings” for the Rodecaster Pro 2 still sound great on the Rodecaster 1?

Hope all my questions make sense and don’t come off as verbal diarrhea.

I’d love to hear this too. What I remember learning was that you’re better off getting clean sound up front to minimize the work but how much data do you lose in the process?

This is what I’m worried about. Losing sound data that I’ll never be able to get back. Unless the Rodecaster does such a good job cleaning things up that the sound data lost is worth it.

Hopefully Mike can give his input. I know he was pretty fond of his Rodecaster I and II.

Really good questions here. So yes, I understand the RCP I & II records a clean track on the SD card without any processing applied to make sure you always have a minimal recording you can later post process. This would be a go to if some of the effects don’t sound great.

I’d also say that my perfect setting should absolutely traslate to the RCP I as, while the screen may look different, the settings should be the same. You seem to have exactly the same audio effects to work with in both models. I’d be interested if you gave it a go and let me know your results. I’m still loving my RCP II!

Some good and bad news, I’m afraid. The good news is many of the settings you showcased in your RCPII video do exist in the RCP1. The bad news is? Some don’t. Namely, Hysteresis (the word you cannot pronounce, lol) is missing under Noise Gate and the entire EQ section does not seem to exist on the original Rodecaster (maybe RCP I does have it? But I couldn’t find it under processing). I’ve updated the firmware, so it doesn’t appear to be a firmware issue.

I am unsure if losing either of those is significant, but it was a bummer that I couldn’t dial in EQ on the unit. Do you know if I’m being blind here, Mike, or can you confirm from your experiences that EQ-ing was missing from the RCP I?

Lastly, I have confirmed with my testing that if you have “bypass audio processing” and multi-track selected in the settings, it will export a clean unprocessed track along with the processed “Stereo Mix” track. So you don’t have to worry about losing sound data if the processing sounds terrible.