Question about auto ducking

Is it possible to do live auto ducking of a music bed as you record a voiceover in multitrack?

I have a pro VO artist coming in that prefers to record her copy to a supplied music bed relayed via a headphone cue mix. It lifts her performance she maintains.

Hi Mike

You could set up a sidechain compressor with the dynamics processing. There is an effect in there to auto duck but bear in mind doing this in real time there will be some latency.

You’d need to set up the dynamics processing on the music track and side chain the voice track that’s armed for recording to the music train.

Remember though real time processing of effects in Audition may cause latency, it may be that she then finds this more off putting than not having the music while she records. Why not just have the monitor headphones volume a bit lower so she can hear the music bed without it being over powering and then do the auto-duck after the recording?

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I just ran her through Virtual DJ and she was happy.
I then took the music bed and imported it in the normal way into AA and synced them.

Glad you got it sorted.