Quality Microphone

Here’s a good quality mic for everybody.

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Thanks @Mr-Shortcuts, it looks awesome with that vintage concept. I’m sure that the sound it’s awesome.

uh 21 grand? please and thanks


Awesome, @Mr-Shortcuts!

What makes it worth the price tag? I’m very curious where a microphone like this would be best used?

Where best used? For someone who wouldn’t use it! It’s more of a museum piece you wouldn’t dare use.
You’d have to be a crazy audiophile to use the thing. Yes it’s got a pure tube amplifier but there are limits on reality you know! lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here are some of the best recommendations from my side when it comes to top quality Mics. I am personally using Blue Yeti from a long time and I can say, this one is unbeatable till now.

Well the recommendation have all sorts of configuration; Cardioid, unidirectional and many more. You can check as per your needs. Rhode is also a nice option from the list, but recently the company is not giving a good service to the clients. My friend was having the defected piece and they didn’t even listen to her. So I deduct their trust factor. Apart form that all is good. Have a look at the list https://www.glinkster.com/best-gaming-microphones/