Punch and Roll vs snap fingers without stop recording

What is your best practice way to complete your VoiceOver recording scripts?

I always do a mouth click (with my tongue) when an edit is required. It creates a nice spike in your audio.

You could try clapping too but I save that for syncing video to audio.

Otherwise hitting the good old M key in Adobe Audition will place a marker while you’re recording.

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On the topic of punch and roll, a fellow extension developer is currently working on a punch and roll extension for Adobe Audition, it’s not ready for release yet, but he made a video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvZAx1GZH1w


For long-form I do punch and roll.

For short stuff (under say 2 mins) I snap my fingers.

I can’t wait until P+R comes out for AA though - I’ll probably P+R all the way. (I use OcenAudio for it at the moment, but edit on AA)

Yeah - looking forward to this a lot!

Thanks, the mouth click sounds very useful. And the thing is that some people doesn’t like the P&R because they thing it takes longer time to do the job, and with the Snap, Click, it’s more dinamic and quick. Thanks for the advice @Mike, @MarkThomasVO, and I hope to get that extension as soon as possible @OleHenrik.


I think in the general scheme of things, both ways are just as long as each other. I prefer P+R as when I finish I know I have a copy that just needs the basic’s done to it, without having to go through and chop bits out and make sure if fits right.

Horses for courses though! :slight_smile:

Forgot about this, the Punch and Roll extension has been released by Travis now! Check it out here: https://exchange.adobe.com/addons/products/19853

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Yeah, I’m not finding it very friendly. I don’t like that you have to do it in Multi-track for a start.

I’ll test it more though.

Thank you @OleHenrik.