Profx6v3 usb mixer

Hie guys i need help, am using PROFX6V3 USB MIXER and Cubase 5 for recording voice and balance and mastering but when I use this mixer mention above after balance the voice and mastering it export mp3 the sound which am hearing on windows player or VLC Its different from the original it doesn’t sound good but when I play on Cubase itself it’s just sound perfect. What should I do? And the mixer when I am playing sound on cubase or Adobe audition even Fl studio when am doing beats it doesn’t shows those signal level lights. Below it’s the picture of my mixer Profx6v3 USB interface mixer

The question would be what are you doing in Cubase post the mixer? Is whatever you’re doing to the audio in Cubase applied to your export or are you just exporting the raw audio with the effects still left unprocessed in the Cubase file?

As regards the rest of the question that would be very difficult to answer without knowing your setup such as PC/Mac and how you’re routing audio to and from the mixer.

Am using PC and I was mastering a song, but I found that the problem was not the outcome of the song because I imported as an mp3 I was playing that mp3 on windows media unfortunately the player was the problem because of equalizer.i found this after I used VLC media. VLC media plays well and after I switch off windows media player equalisers it plays well too. And am satisfied.

But thank you Markdenholm for show interest of answering my article.

As @markdenholm says it’ll likely be somthing to do with the setup of Cubase.

Perhaps check audio settings like sample rate, buffer size etc. Without knowing the exact setup it’s hard to say. Have you tried another audio editor to check it’s Cubase and not some hardware configuration error?