Producing a Radio Ad That Complies with UK/EU Broadcasting Guidelines

How do you go about producing a radio ad to ensure it’s content complies with UK/EU broadcasting guidelines?

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@Mike Can you turn this into a category, we can put future requests in there.

@The_Tone_Arranger I’m not sure what are UK guidelines, we are bit more free in Croatia. I always consider FM Processor and processing that it does before it goes to transmitters. I mix mine bit hot because clients love to pop out a bit, so my peaks are at -0.3 and average RMS is -6,6 by AES-17 or 9,6 square if you are measuring oldschool :slight_smile: and that would be 6,6 LUFS by EBU R-128.


Sure. I meant content related. Use of swear words, religious, child protection guidelines etc, PSAs etc.

Then forget my previous post :smiley:

My bad. I’ve made the question more specific. I appreciate your input thanks.