Problem with reading ogg file

Since a few days Audition give me this error message: This file is not supported by libsndfile , code 18.
If I rip files from a CD or DVD , and I do this for many years, I save them in .ogg file, In audition I open the ogg file and convert it into a wav file. But now on most of these ogg files I got this error.
The strange thing is I have two computers with audition, both Windows 10 v. 21H1 (So up to date) Both where with audition 2020, on one it is reading the ogg file on the other system it isn’t, So I decided to upgrade audition on that system to audition 2021, but sadlly it was not the solution. Anyone who knows what it can be?
audition-error 18

Hope someone can help me out.

I tested an .ogg file on my Adobe Audition (latest build) and it works fine for me. I found this discussion about ogg file errors on the Audition forum.

They linked a test ogg file - the one i used and it works OK - maybe this will work for you too @Dj-Pablo.

If it does then there is some error (perhaps with metadata) in the way your ogg files are created. Usure as to what unfortunately.

Thanks Mike, Yes that linked file is working, no problem with reading it into Audition 2021 build!
I think there i s a change made in the programm which I use to rip it from CD’s and DVD’s…
Maybe I will start ripping in .FLAG extension, is a bit more compressed but always better then mp3 or wav. Would be a pity because .ogg is lossless and has all the information of the soundfile.

Problem solved with the .ogg file reading into Audition. Wrote an email to the software supplier of the ripping programm (in my case: Open Media)… got an update of the software and everything is working as it should be.
So to all, having trouble with reading a file into Adobe Audition and you are shure it is not Audition that give the problem, then just send a message to the vendor of your software in the step you using before to get the file in the right format.
Thanks to all… bye bye for now and till next time!