Problem With A Mixdown

I’m doing some routine podcast editing and production and I have a recurring problem when I mix old and new files. The intro, outro, and break work parts were recorded in a different session a while back. Any time I mix these evergreen work parts with the current content, the levels of those parts are coming out below the current content when I do the final mixdown. Take a look at this.

The levels are all consistent before I do the mixdown. I’ve tried using loudness matching and some mastering techniques to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Funny enough I was asked a very similar question a little while back.

The easiest thing to do here is to put all your clips into a multitrack session, select them all and then run match clip loudness and set them all to -16 LUFS.

Once you edit and mix down then match the final mix down to -16 LUFS again just to make sure your final podcast also hits the loudness target.

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Thank you. I’ll give it a shot.

Good luck. Hope that solves your issue.