Problem after connecting clips - adds random fragments from other places


The problem is when I do merge clips after editing and cutting out unwanted parts.

After such an operation, random fragments appear from other places, even from other tracks (I recognize them by a different voice). These are inserted snippets of words or very short fragments.

The effect is that you hear a skip/cut word and an inserted cut word from some other place.

I noticed that the situation does not happen in the place where the cut was before (although I will not guarantee that it did not occur in such a place before).

I’ve recently been saving subsequent versions before and after the merge clips operation to try to “catch” this.

Previously, similar situations also occurred, and what is worse - it is impossible to catch them without listening carefully to the whole thing.
Often it is only my clients who catch it.

The result is that I can’t rely on Adobe Audition for work.

What is the reason for this situation and how to prevent it?

If the advice is “don’t do merge clips,” then I do so in order to run each excerpt after the merge clips (usually an utterance of several minutes) through Match Loudness.
I do this for two reasons:

  • I often get a recording of a conversation between 2-3 people, but on one track. While I’m working, I separate them into separate tracks for each person and then run each utterance through Match Loudness.
  • I have to use Match Loudness for short passages, because with longer ones it just can’t handle it and the results are much worse.

The Speech Volume Leveler function that someone advised me would be good if after using it I didn’t have breaths like Lord Vader from Stars Wars :expressionless: Simply put, this function amplifies all sounds - including unwanted ones.

I am working on a Macbook pro 16 M1 Max / 32 GB.
MacOS 12.6.6
There is enough disk space (about 300-500 GB).
Adobe Audition
(but in previous versions there were similar situations) - this has been happening for about a year, with different intensities.

I’m attaching a screen shot with a description and an excerpt with the broken section.

Thank you very much for the hints on how to deal with it :green_heart:

The glitch with merge clips I am unsure of. I’d suggest checking you’re on the latest version of Audition and if it still occurs report this unwanted behavior to Adobe.

As for Speech Volume Leveler… it is a very powerful effect and needs to be set with caution otherwise it will amplify lots including your background noise if you have it. It works very well on recordings with background noise but may need dialing down to 50% on problematic clips.