Pro podcasts Presets 2.0--Podcast Voices and Final Mix?

These two tracks are colored yellow near the bottom of the stack…how are they used? Nothing is mentioned in the training videos…

Which I guess means that I should know…
Thanks for the help!

I don’t use the presets but at a guess are they buses rather than tracks?

A bus is an amalgamation of different tracks which can then be processed the same.

I’m guessing by the names of the tracks that podcast voices is a bus of all the hosts and guests voices for processing and final mix is probably another bus that finishes the production for you.

I’m sure @Mike could confirm better than me or anyone who has the presets could also possibly shed more light.

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Yes @bobnolley, @markdenholm is spot on, they are bus tracks.

Bus tracks can add the same effect to many tracks which can be great when you’re dealing with a number of tracks that all need similar EQ settings for example.

Happy to answer any other questions you have about busses :bus: