Pro Podcast Presets Sound Distorting

Hi there,

I purchased the Presets a few weeks ago and every time I upload audio into the template and drag it to respective tracks my audio distorts terribly. Even if I mute other tracks or turn off FX the issue remains. Is there a setting or something I’m missing?

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Thanks for posting Liebe, we can certainly help! Could you please share with us a raw unedited sample of your recording and details of which presets you have purchased? We can then see what’s going on with it :slight_smile:

I purchased Audition Pro Podcast Presets V3.1

@Liebe thanks for sending this! I have run the file through the presets. Attached is a short sample from your sample run via 4 tracks in the presets:

  1. Podcast Host 1
  2. Fix: Echo Issues
  3. Fix: Background
  4. Fix: Fan Noise

I have not experienced any issues with distortion - so not sure exactly what is happening there. I would suggest maybe re-downloading the presets again and using the original download - in case anything crept into the one you have been using along the way?

Note - because there is background noise present, as well as echo - “Podcast Host 1” track will not be the best choice for you. You will need to tackle the noise on the recording as Podcast Host 1 track will amplify everything - including noise on the recording - which isn’t idea. So the best one for you would be either Fix: Background or Fix: Echo track for you. You may want to run a de-clicker first - there are a lot of clicky sounds thorough the recording such as chair bumps etc - removing them first may be a good call!

HI Izabela,

I recorded the sound it makes when I play it back. I will send that to you. It still does so after redownloading. I feel like there’s a setting I’m missing.

The distortion doesn’t just occur with this soundbite but with every and any audio I upload