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I just bought the presets package for adobe audtion from the site but where do I find the video tutorials for them? I cant see the padlock bit where you access them…Can you link them to me or dm me the direct link

What’s included in this package:

  • 1 Adobe Audition CC session (.sesx) file with all presets included
  • 12 video tutorials showing how all the presets work

I believe Mike and Isabella are on holiday. As for as I know they’re the only people who can send the presets and tutorials out. Also Mike is the only person who can activate your membership to the secret community.

I must stress I use my own preset template so I’ve not bought the presets therefore I am just guessing here.

Thanks for the reply Mark,

I have the presets but I’m not sure how I can access the tutorials on how to use them.

I saw in another thread that there is a “padlocked” thread where you can access them but I cant find it on the site.

Hopefully someone can get back to me from the office.

As I say I’ve not bought them so I’m just guessing. If it’s to do with an area of the forum then Mike is the admin so he’d have to add you.

Your best bet is to hope someone who has bought them reads the thread and they can explain more on how the procedure works.

In essence all you have to do is save the .sesx file that you’ve received to the default location for templates. On Windows it’s usually under public. C:\users\public\public documents\adobe\audition\11.0\session templates

When you start a new multitrack session select the name of the template in the template box then you’re using it.

Thanks Mark, I appreciate your help.

No worries.

Have fun with the template.

Hi @DaveW, Mark is right. After you buy the presets, you will get an email with the download links and also the access to the presets categorie in here. It takes a little time but I recommend you to email @Mike or @Izabela so they can help you with this.



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@DaveW sent you the invite yesterday - drop me a line to if you struggle to get it!

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I have now access to the tutorials.

Do not want to make another thread.

Would be very friendly and nice to “unlock” me aswell :wink:

Do rly not want to Stress anyone but I am a little bit “confused”. I did not receive any further Email for the “inner Circle tutorials” ( :wink: ) and even Mike did not respond to my message.

@MRANSCHU, I’m tagging @Izabela and @Mike to see if they reply to you. They are on vacations but probably with the tag will answer you soon.


Thank you for a tag @Juanmapinker :slight_smile: @MRANSCHU you are in now :slight_smile:

Hi Izabela, I haven’t been able to access the tutorial area either. The download only contained the .sesx file, and the screenshots.

Could I please have your order number? I will add you right away @worldfamousrahim :slight_smile:

Hi. My order number is 293380. Thank you.

Added you this morning - see if you can see it now :slight_smile:

Yes I can see it. Also, I just purchased a sound effects package (order number 293454, and would like the bonus video that Michael was talking about in video 12. Thank you.

Hi Izabela. i have a couple of issues. First, when I open the presets, my “Effects Rack” looks nothing like Mike’s. For Instance, in the training video “03 Voice Processed”, my effects rack only has “pitch shifter” listed and on. Mike’s effects rack has DeEsser, Sckentific Filter, Dynamics Processing, Speech Volume Leveler, Hard Limiter, Parametric Equalizer, and Pitch Shifter listed. What this means for me is that I cannot “tweak” the settings like he describes in video 4, or otherwise. Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to open those effects and list them myself? I am just a little confused. Also, with my order number 293456, the male announcer used the name of my radio station as call letters (like "S W A G Radio, when he should have read it as the word “swag”. Can I get him to redo that recording for me please?

Thank you.

I have it figured out. Thanks.