Preset Effects Rack studio echo

Briefly I present, produce and edit for Radio Clatterbridge, hospital radio in the North West. I used your voice improvement suggestions and it works amazingly well. I decided during lock-down, whilst we were all banned from NHS sites to create the shows from home and send them to Myriad remotely. It all worked OK.

I decided to use the preset in effects rack ‘studio echo’. This was a gentle echo which added to the original, sounded great.

The latest version of Audition appears to have lost this preset. Can you remember it at all? Would it be easy to create?

That sounds great but which effect were you using the Studio Echo preset in? Presets don’t usually disappear and perhaps a fresh install can fix this for you.

Unfortunately I can’t recall the preset settings but if you know the effect you’re using I can check if it’s in my Adobe Audition and share the settings with you @mikeeveleigh.