Premiere Pro Dynamic Link with Audition only works for one trip

I’ve noticed that the Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and Audition only works for one round trip. When I come to re-edit my PP sequence, let’s say adding in a new interview section to the sequence, I click on “Edit Original” to open the Audition project again with all of my mix/effect settings preserved. The Dynamic Link shows the updated VIDEO - I can SEE the new interview section - but the AUDIO for this audio section isn’t there? The Dynamic Link only updates the video. The audio stays the same as the original and reflects no new edits.

I have also tried to use the ‘edit in Audition’ feature after making changes in Premiere, but then the Audition project it creates, of course, starts from scratch with none of the mixing/effect settings from my original Audition project.

I can’t tell if I’m missing a step, if I’ve found a bug in the Premiere to Audition workflow, or if what I’m trying to do is even possible?

Any help/guidance/advice would be very much appreciated, thank you!

I think this feature is still not 100% fully baked @tomcrooke.

I usually end up editing in Adobe Audition and then exporting back to Premiere Pro (usually as a full mixdown onto a new audio track). It’s not ideal but I usually do this as the last process in my editing workflow to simply add better sound overall.

If there’s a particular clip that needs improvement I simply right click that clip and use the ‘Edit in Adobe Audition’ option so as not to impact the whole project.

Maybe other users will have different ideas to me :slight_smile:

Ah this is the exact question I joined the community to ask (sorry for bugging Mike in his Youtube comments about this lol). Yep, I’ve run into the exact same problem and wasn’t sure if I was missing something or the feature just doesn’t exist. I can get the video to update on a second pass, but not any audio edits just like you Tom. I got no traction over on the Adobe forums to even find out if it’s possible to send a sequence a second time that has changes.

I love finishing my audio in Audition but we need to submit to our clients ‘completely finished’ audio in our shows for the approval process. So that means there’s a 50/50 chance we still will have to make changes after we roundtrip from Premiere to Audition the first time once the client decides to add or remove something a week latter. It’s getting frustrating since I’m still having to edit the music in Audition (just better for doing it) but end up doing everything else in Premiere when I just want to do it all in Audition.