Podcast presets / Volume issue

Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing all fine. Have a few questions, hope you can help.

  • Regarding Mike Presets, I was trying to level the audio of all clips, using the tips Mike gives in this video: https://youtu.be/izbmLO83DX0
    I am using the MRC presets, every time when I try to switch to Default, like Mike is suggesting, it switches back to custom?

  • I try to level all clips to the same volume, using matching clip loudness. My graphs immediately go into the red zone if I aim for 16 Lufs (See picture 1) but the sound of it is still oke (I guess). Even when I play the professionally produced intro, it’s into the red zone. I lowered the master with -12 and -13 as you can see. This makes the podcast very quit. I don’t know what to do, trust the meter, that red is really red and this should be seen as bad audio or just trust on my ears.

  • To reduce the editing time. The man voice has a lot of mouthclicks. And the women voice shows this a lot (see picture 2) while pronouncing, ge’s and ke’s in words like great and think. Any tips? would removing the windscreen of the Shure Sm7B and placing a pop screen in front help reducing these g’s and k’s for the women voice? Any tips beside the not drinking of dairy products etc… for the men voice? Thanks Guys!

  • The picture of the audio snippet belongs to this audio clip. The whole clip the meter is in red.

    Here is link to the audio snippet: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kc33j4l2ktnmwom/AABw8VJBl9NlFsIngK3Rf4-Aa?dl=0
    I guess this is the same question as above, trust the meter or the ears. How can I make sure the meter is displaying it correctly so I can work with the meter in the future.

Thanks for asking these questions @indubio I’ll do my best to help!

You may need to clarify on this one as I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re referring to.

This can certainly happen if you aim for Match Clip Loudness levels of -16. I tend to stick with the default of -23 when mixing in multitrack (you can then match the whole file to -16 after mixing down the podcast before saving ready for upload). I’ve found -23, in my experience, keeps audio clips from peaking into the red in multitrack. This is likely because there’s no limiting on the match loudness feature in Adobe Audition multitrack so too loud a setting and you start distorting.

Check out this video from 3:54 for some post processing help on your above question.

The audio clip you attached sounds fine so, with these tips, hopefully you’ll be well on your way to a great sound :slight_smile:

So Helpful Mike! Thanks you so much! Appreciate it! Regarding my first question, here is a video what happens, maybe this clears it up a bit. This also happens when I first put the ratio to 3 like you said in your video: https://youtu.be/izbmLO83DX0

Link to my explainer video: https://vimeo.com/449729789

Cheers Mike!

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