Podcast Formats?

Hi I’m wondering what Podcast formats people use.

With my music podcast I wonder wether I should play a few tracks or one or two then speak in between each music track to share info about bands played.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Laurie

Just be yourself @Laurie

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Ask @Mike for that he is the expert

Here in Brazil we have a very famous podcast, named “Radiofobia Classics”. The host, Leo Lopes, is an awesome podcaster as well. The show is about music, bands, the behind the scenes of the musical produtions, the history behind the lyrics of the songs and stuffs like that. The show is just amazing and very popular over here. I don’t konw if you speak portuguese, but I’m adding the link of this podcast.

And, im my personal oppinion, if you like that kind of show, and you think you can add some value, go for it!

Funny that @Ben_sound I intend to I’m just curious on other people’s ways or subject ideas they run though on there shows.