Podcast Figures

hi - does anyone know any decent ways of attain listening figures from Apple Music? I get certain stats from my host, Podbean, but not directly from Apple. Any ideas?

Apple Podcasts will release podcast analytics with the new iOS 11 (released in around a month from now). This is Apple’s new podcast reporting tool for podcasters.

You can find out who’s listening, when and for how long. Are people skipping your intro or sponsor ads? All will be revealed soon! Here’s the announcement at this year’s WWDC:

Hold tight analytics are coming to your Podcast Connect control panel soon :wink:

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thats great news. Thanks so much @Mike. Right, time to get ready on air at 10pm. Catch you tomorrow.


I am sure you had this email through @Mike, but just in case. I t links to what we were discussing last night.