Plugin Big Size Window on Adobe Audition CC 2017

I have a problem that I think you know the solution to
My problem is the size of my plugin
Do you know how to make it smaller & normal size?

That looks like a screen resolution issue. Are you using the maximum resolution available to you?

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My problem is the size of the plugin’s display
How do I change my Plug-in to a normal size?
Plugin Very Big Size Show

Unless you are able to simply scale down the window, then your screen resolution is simply too small. Are you running your screen at max resolution? If you are I would recommend getting a new monitor with a bigger resolution like 1920x1080 or higher!

I have this problem on a Laptop! :frowning:

Hmmmm, look in the windows settings for displays, there should be some UI scaling settings, experiment a bit with those.

It’s not true
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution
1366*768 (NORMAL)

Changing the size of the plugin is fixed
Only the page display changes
Plugin size is fixed BIG

Not sure if there’s anything you can do at this point, besides using an external monitor when using the plugin. or buying a new laptop with a bigger screen. DAWs tend to take up a lot of screen real-estate, unfortunately.

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Thank you - so is the only switching solution?
I think there is a trick to minimize the size of the plugin

Not that I know of, you could check Izotope’s manual for the plugin and see if they mention anything on resizing the plugin window:

@OleHenrik Thanks Bro <3

You’re welcome, glad I could help!

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Ah , Yes MY LOBTOP Sive 1366*768 (NORMAL)
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution

This problem is not for all plugins

I tried a lot, but I could not solve the problem :frowning: