Plug-ins for Adobe Audtion

What kind of plug-ins are you using for Adobe Audition when editing voice overs for radio - not for music…

Can’t really seem to find any thing that perhaps is affordable or suitable for VO. Everything I find is for music and the manufactures are not highlighting if it is suitable for AU.

A few I use daily for VO.
Adobes Parametric EQ
Waves Greg Wells - Greg Wells VoiceCentric – Vocal Processing Plugin | Waves
Waves JJP Vocals - JJP Vocals Plugin | Waves
Waves L1 - L1 Ultramaximizer Peak Limiter Plugin | Waves

Thanks - I’ll look into these nice suggestions.

all versions of rx 6 standard have useful things like, mouth declick, voice denoise, de-plosive, etc. native audition ones I use is parmetric eq, tube modeled compressor.

Here are some broad plugins from the larger plugin comanies that come to the top of my head:

  • iZotope RX: This plug-in offers a range of tools for restoring and enhancing audio, including noise reduction, de-essing, and voice de-noise.
  • Waves Voice Bundle: This bundle of plug-ins includes a de-esser, a compressor, and a vocal enhancer, all of which are specifically designed for voiceover work.
  • Antares Auto-Tune: This popular plug-in can be used to correct pitch issues in a voiceover recording, as well as to create special effects.

These are some of the popular plug-ins for editing Voice over, you can search for more plugins and read their features and reviews before purchasing. Many of the manufacturers provide free trial versions for a limited time so that you can test the plugin before purchasing.