Pitch shifting (male to female)

I’m recording audiobooks and (often) come across females.

How do you change the pitch of a male voice to sound like a female without sounding like a chipmunk?

I’d say pitch shifting is a good place to start with this but don’t expect miracles!

If you’re going from male to female you risk the chipmunk effect unless you raise the pitch of your voice slightly while recording. Then just add a subtle pitch up to create a feminine sounding voice.

Female to male you’d pitch down slightly but don’t go too far otherwise you’ll get a butch sounding monster! :japanese_goblin:

Anything else you add will sound too processed and I’m guessing you want as natural sound as possible. I’m curious, how would you use this effect in a porject @justmyvoice?

That’s what I’ve been doing (recording my voice higher and softer, along with shifting the pitch/semitones)…I was just curious to know if you knew of any other options that I could use.

Thanks Mike.
Love your videos.

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