Pitch Shift Stutter Effect with Doppler Shifter

Hello everybody.

Been playing around with a tuts from Mikes VIP channel.

What do you think?


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I think it sounds good… Way to go Martin

Yeah, it sounds really good! Keep it up! @MartinSvanborg

Sounds Great @MartinSvanborg !

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That’s a fun jingle!

Love the use of Doppler Shifter @MartinSvanborg. A much underused yet powerful effect in Adobe Audition. Now, try creating the same effect using Pitch Shifter and automation controls in the multitrack :wink:

Thank you, @Joe_Salmi !

So kind of you, @OleHenrik :slight_smile:

@Mike - Thanks for the play at todays liveshow. Means a lot to me.

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Got some really nice questions from @Hot_Jazz_Chick. Don’t know if you all can see it? Im new to this community stuff. But the questions really got me thinking, about the way i post :slight_smile:
Here is the questions:
Can I just for one sec throw a ‘spanner’ in the works?
Don’t shoot me down please …
But …
What is it you’re trying to say in the clip?
What is the message?
What will the listener take away from it?
And here are my answers:
The spot is just meant as branding for my radiostation. It’s says something like - Youre listning to Webfm - in my local language.
There is no message in the spot, other then branding.
I dont know what the listener vil take away from it. Its a really good question.

But, what i might should have written, when i made my post comes here:
I run a radiostation (not a big suprice) with a lot of variety, but still with a mainstream feel good feeling, and trying my best to get i all “to fit togehter”, i think everybody does :slight_smile:
When I make jingels I normally try to make them without big booms, rips and blast. Still i wanted somehing that gives a kind of break, that would give my music-rotation a chance to change from one style to another. I hope the first 2 seconds, with the stutter, will catch the listerns attention, the sloow webfm gives a branding of the station, and the remaing part of the jingle is pure branding. I would like to mention that somehow i can’t get the tunein api to update songtitle, IF the jingle is shorter then 4 seconds …
(We are streaming from SAM Broadcaster)
To give you an ide of how it sounds i made a few quick examples …
All of my musik is sorted by years, cold intro/hot intro and cold/dead ends.
Maybe i should share one of my excel sheets with some of my rotation.
Im am here to learn and share knowledge :slight_smile:



She deleted the comment, that´s why no one can see it. (Except in emails, and moderators) I could revert it, so her reply comes back. But I assume she deleted it for a reason…

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Thanks for clearing that out, @OleHenrik.
Even though i dont know what a “spanner” is, it didnt offend me in any way :smiley:
I think, the more we think about what we do, the better we get. Im still a hooby radio geek trying to raise the bar :smiley:
And the late answear is do to daywork …

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Hello @MartinSvanborg, We all are learning each day something new. I think your work it’s great and this community has so many options and one is sharing and learning from other people. Great audio that you upload. I’m from México, so I will tell you ¡¡¡Bienvenido mi amigo!!! Translation: Welcome my friend!!! and also Hi to my friend @OleHenrik