Physical Soundgate

Hi @Mike. Quick question. I have been thinking of buying a Drawmer noise gate to put in my chain.

When I open my mic over quite passages, you can detect mild room ambience.

My current mic compressor is a classic BSS 402. Question is, rather than the Drawmer, would the noisegate on the DBX do the job?

Thanks in advance.


I know your question was for @Mike but I can tell you as someone who has a DBX286S in my chain that the expander/gate does a fantastic job of removing ambient noise.

hi Mark - thanks ever so much. That is really super to know. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thanks


You’re welcome @David. I found it a wonderful investment as I used to do a lot of what the DBX does when I edited in post but having that has enabled me to not only reduce time in post with recordings but also allows my radio show to sound better too as the mic is being processed in real time so the processed output is what goes out over the stream.

brilliant - thanks again