Order of Editing

Hi, I have an interview, dialogue only, which was recorded on a Zoom. It was recorded in quite a bright environment. I just wondered, would I carry equalise, normalise, compress and normalise (ENCN) the interview first, and THEN carry out other processes to try and remove ambient reflection etc using the native noise reduction or a plug-in such as Zynaptiq Unviel. Or, should I remove noise first, then ENCN?

I would be inclined to take a copy of the file and work with that so the original is safe. Carry out the clean up first as it may well affect the audio slightly as well as removing the noise then you’ll have to starting point to run equalising and processing on.

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Agree with what Mark says, but just remember that compression is going to amplify the ambience. So, if you go the compression first route, your noise removal tool will have to work harder and will likely leave you with more artifacts etc

thanks lads - I had sort of thought that would be the case. If I normalised it first I’d be making the whole problem of ambient, background noise worse. I really appreciate your input guys.