Online podcasts

Hi everyone, im a new member and looking for as much advice as possible. I currently do online radio football commentary and im looking at creating weekly or fortnightly podcasts for my club. Never done it before and a complete novice. What and how is tge best way to get started obviously I’ve got equipment already so its basically a case of how best to go about it. Thanks everyone


Welcome aboard! Can you get more specific about what part of getting started you need help with? Is it the publishing of the podcasts? Post-production?

As Kieth pointed out hard to provide specific advice without knowing which part you struggle with the most. We have a very comprehensive list of articles that aid starting up a podcast here: You searched for podcast - Music Radio Creative it may be a good place to start and then once you have any specific questions just let us know and I am sure many other peeps will happily jump in with advice.

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