One or more files are actively processing jobs error?

How on earth to I cancel this job? I know I can end task but is there another way to get rid of this?


Joe - i have spent some time trying to establish where the jobs are being queued, it is not as simple as looking in the cache, me thinks. Quick question… are you using OSX or Windows. Thanks Dee

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Windows sssssssssssssssssssssss


If you are willing… and a sucker for detail, then go ahead, otherwise… don’t read on. Because this could get a little messy, but bare with me!

The only real way to establish WHERE the jobs are being processed and therein queued, is to monitor the file system for activity, both file and registry. Then delete those files manually before starting Audition CC.

  1. Reboot to a clean desktop, nothing running, within reason. Turn off antivirus, or anything else that makes or induces file system activity. Use Ctrl, Shift + Esc to get up the Task Manager and End Task on anything thats not recognisable or relevant. Now…

  2. Download and install ProcMon from here Do not worry this is a safe tool without spam or virus.

  3. After installing ProcMon read the help file and learn how to capture activity, much easier than me writing it down here. Its very easy to use.

  4. When you understand how to capture the activity and read the line entries then do the following.

  5. Start Audition and replicate the process whereby you get this error, ie. recreate a number of jobs that need processing, but before you start that process, start running ProcMon. This will then capture any file or registry activity, which you can look back on after stopping the capture.

  6. When you have created the jobs for processing halt the ProcMon capture. Now it goes without saying the longer you take to do this, the more you will have to wade through. But if you can run the creation of the jobs and get the error then you should be able to manage that amount of capture by filtering file activity against Adobe directories or registry.

  7. With the capture in the ProcMon window search through looking for activity that resides in Adobe directories or registry keys (use search to find them in the list), don’t forget Adobe/Common etc.

  8. You are looking for locations that show when a file is CREATED or WRITTEN or REFERENCED. An whether that file is in a temporary or known Adobe location.

Then you can shut down Audition or Quit manually using Task Manager, if you still cannot get passed the error. Then delete any files that you identified, or look like they were created as part of jobs or queues, but only after you have identified them as TEMPORARY and that they are NOT located in any obvious Adobe system directory. Let me know if this helps.

If this seems over the top, I can assure you it is not. This is how we debug Windows developer errors on a daily basis. This tool has been used millions of time to ‘save the day’. It may work for you?

If you are confused by this, but still want to get to the bottom of the error then we can Skype and I can walk you through it, no problem.

Peace - Dee

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I think that it is an error related with a window because it happens when more file open instant and sometimes window may be crash. You can check this error 0x8024200b here and you could find more solution about window error.