OBS Streamlabs Audio Sync Issues

This is a contuation post regarding the below YouTube vid.

I find myself constantly dealing with audio offset issues, more specifically my mic audio coming out of sync with my livestream video.

I utilize OBS streamlabs to stream on Twitch and in the beginning of the stream, I can set the OBS streamlabs offset sync to 100ms, and as time goes on in the stream, I have to raise that number. On many instances, I find myself at very high numbers in offset at the end of my stream; Upwards of 975ms.

Hoping for some insight on this if anyone here has some to share.

The microphone I use: HyperX Quadcast S (Filtered through NVIDIA Broadcast for noise suppression)

CPU: Ryzen 9 5950x

This is an unusually high offset especially given your CPU. Have you got other processes running in the background? It could also be the capture card you’re using.

I dont use a capture card, everything is streamed utilizing Nvec recommended settings in streamlabs. Only other process would be an online game itself or logitech capture (needed for the camera).

Unfortunately I’ve not used this kind of setup before so would not be able to offer any tips. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on this :slight_smile: