Normalization and Izotope

Good morning and please help! I have always been told to normalize VOs to -3db. Will the Izotope elements programs (Ozone 9 and Nectar 3) do this for me? I want to start getting my demos out and I’m stuck. Any suggestions would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. PS - your videos have been very helpful as I start my journey. PSS - should I normalize before or after using Izotope?

There’s no set level to which you have to normalise unless specified. Sometimes a VO client will give specific instructions on normalising a voiceover to a set db level but unless there’s those instructions there is no set level.

Once you’ve finished mixing your voiceover showreel normalise the final file to -0.1db would be my recommendation.

Yes Ozone 9 with master assistant should take care of this for you. All the best