Noise reduction - Mike's live show

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Anyway, I just wanted to share my way of de-noising. Firstly, Izotope RX suite is best option for this, but knowing that everybody can’t afford that, I will only be talking about audition’s de-noising process and audacity.

First thing that I found works better is when you before de-noising EQ the audio. Cut everything below 80Hz and everything above 15kHZ. Remember!!! FM TRANSMITTERS CUT OUT EVERYTHING ABOVE 15kHZ…if radio doesn’t need it, podcast doesn’t need it too :smiley:

This helps de-noising process because it has less to worry about, and you don’t get artifacts in that places.

Second thing is that is better to do two passes with less strength then one with a lot. Learn the noise, then de-noise, learn noise that is left in again, de-noise again, and again if needed.

Restoration is all about compromises, you will never get studio quality sound, so have a good recording form the start.

Hope this helps somebody :smiley:

This is such a cool tutorial post for noise reduction @Saba. Thanks for sharing!

I’m curious. Have you tried the new DeNoise and DeReverb in Adobe Audition CC 2019? What are your thoughts?

Ooh ooh… Can I revive this thread? And I’m hoping I can add an image.


I’ve not had much luck with the dereverb in Audition. I’ve got some audio I’m editing from a contributor who has a lovely deep female voice, but used Yeti with hardwood floors. Stop laughing. When I open up dereverb I’m not exactly sure what “processing focus” I should have selected. Honestly, I’ve got it pushed to 80 and sometimes 100% and it still isn’t fabulous. I’m almost thinking the pre-auphonic version might sound better.

Help me, nerds! :slight_smile:

Oooooooh… but when I also add dehummer, that makes it so much better! Interesting.

Hey @patrick good to see you reviving this thread!

Post some before and after audio samples. Perhaps a noise gate may work better in this case. Let’s listen :slight_smile: