Newbie looking for advice

Greetings, I am a newbie to production. I worked as an on air DJ but was never really in production and that was several years ago. A lot has changed. I am going to be launching an online radio station in the next few weeks with the intent of going full time in the spring. So, my question is, does anyone know of a good but basic software program that can help me edit and create jingles? Thank you all in advance!


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Adobe Audition is my favourite. Reaper is another cheaper, ok buy-out alternative you could try.

Thanks, I am going to give Reaper a try. It looks like it is easy to use for a beginner but has a lot of the features of more advanced packages.

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I would certainly recommend Adobe Audition too BUT heard a lot of great things about Reaper as well. May be worth a try especially if finances are short for Adobe Audition.

Hi @coachdunlap, welcome to the MRC Community!

It all depends on your budget, I use Adobe Audition but there are some other great programs out there as well as free ones like Audacity, which is a great if your starting out :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am going to give Raptor a try and will probably try Audacity too. If I can get my head wrapped around them then at some point I will take on Adobe.