New to vocals recording with SM7B + CL1 + DBX286S

Hi there,
i am new to vocals recording and my hardware chain is
SM7B → CloudLifter CL1 → DBX286S → Audient iD4 → Audacity

i face issue in making a clean vocals. if i try to make the gain needed for sm7b (60db) . for that i cloudlifter that gives me 20db and to make for sm7b i need additional 40db.
For that if i preamp gain dbx286 at 40db a humming sound raises in my recording. might be i should not use preamp to extream level.

Hence i set back preamp to 30db and got a clean to some extent.

But if i compress the sound using dbx286 (+3db) , dbx make up the loss of gain with boosting sound (and also noise add as well). so i chose not to compress.

My voice is a bit fat voice naturally. so i chose not to enhance LF , but to make it crispy sound i thought to boost HF, which also result in adding ground level noise.

With this details, could any one please suggest me for experience to utilise the chain properly to make a good sound.

Thank you.

It may be worth to post some samples of your vocals before it goes through your chain and after. I would eliminate one step at a time and see what is the trouble maker in the chain and then tweak it from there.

The best solution here is to make sure the audio signal going into the dbx 286s is as loud as it possibly can be so that the gear is not working too hard to increase volume and (with it) brining in some hum. I’d suggest a Cloudlifter CL1 with max boost for the best sound.

You ideally want the left hand knob on the dbx 286s to be tweaked until you hit yellow (but not red) on the first set of lights. The final Output Gain know should be as low as possible (about a quarter turn).

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