New MRC Internet Radio Project

This will be a brilliant platform for producers to pool and post their showreels.

Sharing The Love on MRC.FM


Still a work in progress but I’d love for this internet radio station to become a reality. It’d long overdue to revive and remix the sung jingles :smiley:

BLIMEY! I leave you alone for 5 minutes and you start talking about world domination.


He’s like a kid with a new toy!

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Unclear as to what listenership / age group you’re aiming at …

LoFi Hip Hop radio stations are taking over YouTube at the moment! :smiley:

I agree, demographics and music genre are key to understand before launching a project like this.

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Ehhm, any context to this topic? Seems as I missed the actually plan ^^

Maybe all of us can make a team project. @Mike count on me for this. I’m a regular follower, maybe not everyday I can be at live streaming, but sure I look all your videos and I believe we all… together can do an interesting thing out of it… Yes, we sure we can. Viva Mexico!!!

Thanks! This is related to the idea I’ve mentioned a couple of times on the live stream.

Starting a 24/7 Internet Radio Station on YouTube

There is also another discussion about how to do this over here.

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Have been doing my radio show over on another platform but always looking for other opportunities to play music I love…and talk a little…