New format for daily show

Hi Mike,

It sounds like the format will be like your VIP channel.

If so, what happens to the VIP channel?

Hi @cyberlarson,

I doubt it would be the same as the VIP channel, it will be more a randomly picked topic from the community to discuss, with some possible discussion from the live chat too.

Does anyone know if the time is still going to be 2pm for now?

The last thing Mike said made us wondering because he was not accurate about it, he made us know that it was something not sure… I think we are all the same like you @DavidHunterScot, probably the first one will be the same hour and then things can change :thinking:

Yes, I would think that since he hasn’t announced a new time within a good notice period, that he would keep it the same time initially to people don’t miss it.

I am wondering what the exact change will be, and if it would make it harder to tune in live for me.

I think you are not the only one with that issue, including myself. Now I have problems to tune in with a regular hour of the streaming, I don’t know with a ramdom one or with another time. We just have to wait so we can see…:thinking::roll_eyes::thinking:

Mike said he would be on at the same time.

He then made a statement that each day’s show could vary in time.

That’s good news!

That’s very worrying. Many people may not be able to tune in, so I hope it’s not much of a variation.

Hey all, thanks for starting this thread on the new daily show.

We’re nearly at the end of week one with the new time of 6PM (UK time) Monday to Friday. Do feel free to feedback here with your thoughts!


@Mike at the beginning of the week, I think you said that the sale of the PPP would go through the end of the week.

Personally, it is a lot tougher for me to catch the live stream because of the time change but I don’t mind so much since I can still catch the replay on youtube :grin:

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Thanks @cyberlarson the sale was until 6th December.

If I did however have a tongue slip on the live stream do send the clip and I’ll be happy to extend the offer to you if that was the case.

@PaigeWilliams thanks so much for supporting and watching on the replays :slight_smile: :+1:

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If I’m honest I think the new stream format is a fraction of what it was before. The community element of the stream seems gone, the comments aren’t in the video anymore for those not watching live but on the occasions I have watched live the comments are almost non existent.

Not sure if it’s the new time or new format or a combination of both but certainly watching live the comments (to me) don’t seem to be what they were.

If I’m being totally honest I’m at a loss as to why the content featured in the new format live stream couldn’t be achieved via an ordinary recorded and uploaded video or (even recorded video streamed as live which is possibly the case) rather than the effort of going live without the need to be live for this format?


@markdenholm I agree with you. I don’t really like the new format. Too short for community interaction, so why make it live if the community can only watch and not interact?

I prefer the lower-third feature of random comments that come in. I’m not saying the shorter videos aren’t beneficial, they are, but would be better kept as recorded videos and uploaded outside of “live” time, and the live show is more interactive.

Kind of makes it a little useless tuning in at a certain time just to watch something that is practically identical to non-live videos. Us mods don’t have much of a job left, which is why I’ve been in the community more than live.

Would be interesting to see what others have to say about this.


My guess is that @Mike wants to have a shorter format.
And the chat and live phone calls deter that possibility.

The new format is impersonal. No interaction. And it is dry. @Mike definitely gets amped with an audience. I think all of us miss that.

He has a paid channel called Mike VIP. This new format is just like that.

I think that if @Mike needs to dedicate less time, then he should just post a video and not call it live! When I get a notice about the show going live, by the time I get to the show, it has ended!

I hope you take this as honest feedback and not a criticism of the content.
No one would be critical if you don’t have the time to do an hour each day

Maybe once a week, you could do a real live show for maybe 30 minutes to stay true to the community concept.

Michael Duffy


I agree with you. We are used to a live show that “per se” means interaction and I mean not just Mike’s Streaming, the live format comes with that. The shows are great as always when it comes to content, but I do miss that interaction, even in here. It’s totally understandable that Mike it’s full of work and maybe tired so he doesn’t has time for a full hour or to interact more in here also, even to answer to the post that we tag him long time ago. As Michael Duffy said, maybe once a week will be great. It’s true, I cannot distinguish between a live show or a recorded one at this point. The content is great, that’s for sure.

And as you said, not bad criticism just honest feedback.

Juan Manuel (juanmapinker) :metal::headphones::metal:


It is also hard for me to catch the live streams now too. I personally am not a fan of the new way it’s going either but think about Mike here. It’s his channel, his time, and I think the 1 hour shows might have been burning him out. I’ve watched a lot of youtubers burn out by trying to please the viewer and it causes a lot of problems for the families involved.

What I would like to see Mike do and it might help is a mix between the two formats.
Maybe a 1 hour show sometime during the week at the usual 2pm UK time and then the rest do as short snippets like he’s currently doing.

Just my thoughts, but I have to admit I do miss all the live interactions we had between Mike and the live viewers.

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I’m all for a mix of the two, that sounds like a good idea. How about Monday to Friday the short snippet version, and like on a Saturday or Sunday do an hour or something back to the old format thing.

It might be difficult due to being busy to keep up an hour all the time, but bringing it back for those who like it and doing the shorter ones for those who can’t have a whole hour would be awesome.

Someone should put up a vote to see what everyone thinks. I might do it when I get more time.

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I agree at least do a true live show that involves interaction with the community. That way it doesnt see as if we are simply just watching a live syream on youtube or any other streaming site. The interaction is what we are all here for. Love the show and content. Just really miss being able to interact is all.

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WIthout doubt committing to an hourly live show daily is a lot of effort Andy I understand why it’s stopped but equally it would make more sense to @Mike just to upload the videos like he traditionally did because it’s hard to see the benefit to setting a time to be live every day to stream something that doesn’t need a life audience. (It may well be that the streaming software is just streaming a precorded video like the old stream intro video used to plat before the old stream went live it’s possible to do)

The way the stream was demanded it was live due to the interaction via the live stream comments and indeed the phone number too. WIth no interaction from Mike back to the comments now (and not enough comments to even get a community chat going on the live stream) it could be achieved by recording videos like Mike used to do before he started live streaming.

This has to work for Mike as it’s him putting the effort in to live stream. Understand if an hour a day is now too demanding.

For me personally I’m self taught in Audition. I can do pretty much all that I need to do in the multi track and the waveform but I watched the stream to see if @Mike or the community had different ways to do what I can do that’s may be more efficiently. I can use audio to produce imaging, sweepers, mixes and more and I always challenge myself to learn new things, trying different options and setting to see what outcomes I get but with the old live stream it was something I could have on the second monitor while working in the home studio but the new time is an efffort for me to interrupt other things to watch live but then when I have realised there’s is no longer a need to watch live due to a combination of either time changes or format change removing the xommunity element which was the main reason I watched in.

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I’m reading and hearing this thread. Thank you for the feedback on the new format everyone!

How are you finding it now after over a month of the new format?