Need some help with the RODEcaster PRO

Hey! I’m really happy to be part of this community :slight_smile:

I am completely new to the world of podcasting and audio editing in general, so excuse my newbie questions.

In my set-up I’m using a RODEcaster PRO, a Shure SM7B and Cloudlifter. I usually record a multi-track session, in Adobe Audition, where the “host” track is connected to “Roadcaster Multrack: Mono Mic 1”

I’m struggling to understand what the correct configurations are, specifically when it comes to the “level” setting.

I have two main questions that are the reason for my struggle (at least I think they are!):

  • What should I optimize for when my goal is for Adobe Audition to receive my voice at the perfect level for editing, and ultimately a great sounding podcast? (e.g., decibels should be within X, Y range)
  • Is anyone here in the community owning a RODEcaster PRO (w/ a Shure SM7B) who can share their configuration and rationale behind?

Hi, welcome to the community.

I don’t have a Rodecaster but in terms of levels recording into audition it’s a generic rule I would apply for all mixers and that is that the level being recorded in doesn’t matter too much as long as you aren’t recording in too loud otherwise you will end up with ruined clipped audio.

As long as your audio is recording in you can always normalise it before putting together the podcast. I normally record between -12db and -6db which leaves plenty of headroom.

Easiest way to set it is to get Audition recording and then start speaking into your mic as you would for your podcast and set the mixer to the appropriate level from there.