Need help with troublesome audio

How can I remove the feedback sound in this audio? I have tried Dereverb and also using the PE to find the bad frequencies and lowering them. Help?

Try first with frequency analysis, se what is frequency,then use parametric eq and narow down that frequency. Also u can try izotope RX8.

Thanks for the help.

That’s some harsh feedback! It’s unfortunately too tight to deal with using DeReverb which works best on longer echo. I’d go for Parametric Equalizer and have a sweep through the frequencies to find where this feedback occurs the most. It was around 1k for me. Then just notch that frequency out as much as possible. Should reduce the feedback a little :slight_smile:

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Hi Skeezix40,
For anyone that is interested, this is what you get using RX for a quick clean of the audio:-


That’s a great result! RX is amazing :slight_smile: