My favorite audio tool - AudioFinder

Alright, I thought a great way to start my contributions to this amazing community would be to share an awesome piece of software that I use on a daily basis for my audio work:


I use Adobe Audition for a lot of audio work, which often involves combining sound effects in my projects. Over the years I have amassed an enormous collection of sound effects, both self-made and those I have purchased from others. When you have such a huge amount of sound effects, keeping track, finding and previewing them becomes a hassle. So a few years ago, I discovered AudioFinder an incredibly powerful Mac application for indexing your sound effects for easy previewing. There are of course other alternatives, but the majority of the alternatives expect you to contact the company for pricing or have ludicrously high prices. AudioFinder is both powerful and inexpensive. Check it out here:, I highly recommend it. The only negative thing with AudioFinder is the lack of cross-platform as it’s only available on Mac…

Do you have another audio indexing solution, please tell me as I love experimenting with this sorta stuff!


I have often wondered about how people keep track of the sound effects and other audio bits, as you collect a tremendous number of them very quickly and grow from there. In asking that question in other forums the best Windows answer I have received so far is actually iTunes, of course that means you don’t have it linked to your actual iTunes account but rather just indexing your audio file library. It allows tagging, categories and rating etc which help to organize as well as alphabetization. I’ve been seeking a better solution but yet to find one.

Yeah, I had a teacher a while back who used iTunes, the big problem for me is that I use iTunes for my music collection, so separating Itunes for music listening and indexing sound effects are a bit difficult. On a slight sidenote, AudioFinder actually has built-in support for iTunes.

Another one, that I have used for Windows, is Resonic: They have a free version as well as a pro version.

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I’ll check that out. I use a separate computer for audio so the iTunes library thing isn’t a problem but I still don’t like it

A very helpful tool. Thanks @OleHenrik!