Music Matters On Solar Radio


Just caught that Tom Haines track.
Absolutely melt-in-the-mouth stuff.

Plenty of Big Band in Brum still.
Check out Gary Alcock, Dave Newton etc.


Hello Darling !!
Welcome back.

Have you got a link please?
Is that from the Festival @David

Jen xx

Too big to upload here.

Amazing. I can hear so much of Norma Winstone in there when it goes into the half time feel.

Thanks a mill


hi there Jen - yeah, it was a live recording from his new album which Tom kindly sent me over last week x

Hi Cado - yup, there is so much amazing jazz being made &b played even to this day. It was quite some number wasn’t it?

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Hi @David

Great Show
Loved that 12 bar blues Basiesque with Paul Chambers and Wayne Shorter.



Chambers…just love him…and also Mingus with his big band… x

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