Multitrack Export Bugs?

I have an elusive problem of my exported multi-tracks sounded different than my audition files.

I finally found the Audition preference to remove the -3db volume adjustment on export, but other issues include:

  • if I am listening to a large session with many solod tracks. When I export, some non-soloed tracks still get exported.
  • effect from the effect rack seem to be more mild when exported.

Is this common?

Thank you,

Hey @mcgrealife it’s a great question. I’ve not experienced these issues myself. The -3dB adjustment on mixdown can be quite handy especially if mixing multiple tracks to stop any rogue peaks. If it’s not an issue you could stick with the original -3dB cut method and then boost +3dB on mixdown.

Perhaps even create a favourite on a hotkey that does this automatically?