Move plugins from 1.5 to CC

Im thinking of move over to CC (So o can work on a Mac also), i have worked in AU 1.5 for nearly 10 years and i have a standard plug-in setup which i use all the time.

Im looking for some help to export or re-create the same settings in CC…

Anybody know how to do this ?

// Kim

I seem to remember this is helpful for converting sessions:

Ses2Sesx - Bulk Audition/CEP Session Conversion Utility

I haven’t used it for many years so can’t vouch for the reliability. You could take some screenshots and copy settings over. The old favourites remain to this day in Adobe Audition CC. An upgrade is a great chance to start fresh and see what works.

As an example my presets from 2013 are totally different to what I now use in 2017.

We’re always learning :slight_smile:

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This only convert sessions (ses files) - I need to get my plugins (rack settings) moved over to CC

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You may need to do that all manually. Although if you save your rack settings onto different multitrack tracks and use the converter it may work.

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